typical hotel morning after one of those long nights

*not my photo* just made some changes to it

Can’t wait for this!!!!!!!

view from my rooftop this evening


Another beautiful day in the city

onceuponadreamx-deactivated2011 asked: Hey, i love your blog. it is really amazing that you have all original photos. On my blog i try to do a combination of Reblogs, images from google and my own photos. I love your photography and i hope you don't mind me reblogging some of your photos?
i'd love to hear what you think of my blog! Take a look at it if u have time.

Best wishes

Hey, Thanks for the great feedback!!!

I really don’t mind people re-blogging my photos at all, I did looked at your archive and you seem to have a great taste for photography as well.. I actually feel honored at the fact that you enjoy my work! got a ton more stuff to blog, just been slacking on the tumblr thing lately.

best wishes and thanks for writing!


Collision (by Cesar Soto)

the roomie

Last night with my friend Liz

Paulina and the cupcakes

l i f e

Fox (by Cesar Soto)